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Nightmares  Demons by Type

Abaasy: Demon of disease and destruction. (Yakut)

Archdemon: A superior demon in the infernal hierarchy.

Batibat: A female nightmare demon that causes death during sleep, associated with trees. (Philippine)

Cacodemon: An evil spirit, a demon of misfortune. From Greek kakodaimon. c.1585.

Demoness: A female demon; a she-demon, a divine spirit. From Late Latin daemon, from Greek daimon. bef.1300. Feminine form from 1638. images · list all

Devil: An evil spirit, a lesser demon. see: Devil, The

Dharmapala: A wrathful deity, defender and protector of the Way of the Higher Truths, remover of obstacles and bringer of spiritual realizations. From Sanskrit Dharam Pala religion protector or guardian of the teachings. (Vajrayāna Buddhism) images · list all

Fallen Angel: An angel who has left Heaven, or an angel that has been exiled from Heaven. (Christian) images · list all

Familiar: A spirit that assists in sorcery, often in the form of an animal, also a guide or guardian. From Latin familiāris domestic, from familia family, attending spirit is from 1584. images · list all

Fomorian: A giant sea demon; an ancient sea monster, associated with the destructive forces of nature. From Irish fomor pirate, monster. 1876. (Irish-Celtic) list all

Hantu: An invisible spirit; a ghost. (Malaysian) list all

Imp: A devilet; a little demon who delights in mischief. From Old English impa. 1584. image

Incubus: A male demon that attempts sexual intercourse with sleeping persons. From Late Latin incubāre to lie upon, from Latin incubō nightmare, demon who lies down on the sleeper. c.1205. image

Jinni: A spirit in human or animal form capable of exercising supernatural influence over people. From Arabic jinnī demonic, demon. (Islamic)

Lilim: The female offspring of Lilith. [syn: Lilin] see: Lilith

Marching Horde: A demon swarm, war bringers.

Nickar: A monstrous water spirit that uses the power of the sea to cause death and destruction.

Nightmare: A spirit that arouses feelings of intense horror and distress in sleeping persons, often accompanied by a sense of suffocation. From Middle English night + mare. c.1290. images · list all

Sigbin: A vampiric being associated with the Philippine Holy Week, makes amulets from the hearts of children. (Philippine)

Succubus: A female demon that attempts sexual intercourse with sleeping persons. From Latin succubāre to lie under, alteration of Late Latin incubus. 1387. image

Wrathful Deity: A ferocious demonic being, defender and protector of Buddhists and the Buddhist faith, inspires determination, destroys negativity and ignorance, instills fear in the enemy of the faithful. Also associated with Hinduism. (Tibetan Buddhism) images · list all

Yaoguai: A spirit; a demon, often in the form of an animal. (Chinese) list all

Yōkai: A spirit; a monster; a demon with supernatural powers, especially a shapeshifter. [syn: bakemono, obake, obakemono] (Japanese) images · list all


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