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Abarimon - An ancient country in the Himalayan mountains where the people had backwards turned feet. (Hindu)


Abominable Snowman - The name commonly given the creature more correctly known as "Yeti". (Tibetan)

Adhene - A mostly mischievous fairy being. Also Cloan ny moyrn. (Isle of Man)


Alien - An intelligent being from a planet other than Earth.

Alien Big Cat - A large cat occurring in an area where large cats do not normally occur.

Alma - Wildman of the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains. (Mongolian)

Alp - A spirit associated with nightmares. Also Alp-drucken, and Painajainen. See Nightmare. (German)

Amphiptere - A small winged serpent related to the wyvern. (Arabian)


Amphisbaena - A two headed serpent with glowing eyes. (Greek)


Angel - A spiritual being created by God as a way to communicate with and watch over human beings.

Angel of Death - A being that helps souls transition into death, sometimes associated with Satan. (Christian, Islam, Jewish)


Anthropophagus - A cannibal; a man eater, one who eats human flesh.

Anunnaki - Ancient deities whose blood was used to create humankind. (Sumerian)

Archangel - Chief angel, or one of the highest ranking angles in the celestial hierarchy. (Christian, Islam, Jewish)

Archdemon - An upper level demon in the infernal hierarchy. (Christian)

Aspidochelone - A monstrous sea turtle often mistaken for an island. Also Asp Turtle. See Zaratan.

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