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An intelligent being from a planet other than Earth. Several alien species have been reported, many are humanoid or somewhat resemble animals found on Earth, the others are not so common in appearance.

The belief in extraterrestrial beings is visible throughout human history beginning with the ancient petroglyphs and cave paintings that have been discovered all over the world. Cave paintings often depict saucer shaped objects, beings emanating rays of light, and strange animals. The oldest known depictions, found in northern Italy, show "human-like creatures" and "unknown four-legged beasts." They are dated between 32,000 and 36,500 years old.

Non-human entities and space crafts are also commonly referenced in religious artwork, the Bible, and other sacred texts. Many Renaissance era paintings of religious figures contain flying saucers, floating spherical objects, rockets, and other UFO-like crafts. Often beams of light are shown emanating from these crafts or from clouds. The beams usually shine directly onto figures such as Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist, and others. These types of images were later censored by the Catholic Church.

The Bible contains many references to various flying vessels and strange non-human beings including giants, angels ascending and descending from the sky, men with glowing eyes and feet of bronze, flying cherubim, objects and beings appearing and disappearing in clouds or whirlwinds, thrones high in the air, and chariots of fire.

These Biblical references are corroborated by sacred texts from ancient cultures all over the world. Centuries old Sanskrit literature from India commonly refers to flying machines called Vimanas. These are described as metallic crafts that are able to navigate through the air, underwater and through space. Many fierce battles are described where the Vimanas use fantastic weapons that vaporize armies and destroy entire cities.

The crafts are further described as unbreakable, and capable of becoming motionless or invisible.

Ancient documents detail how these crafts were built and how they were flown. Many of the materials described are not know to us on Earth and the crafts are categorized into two groups - those made by man and "those not made by man."

Today, contact between aliens and humans is reported on a regular basis. Contact includes seeing a UFO or alien from a distance, psychic, astral, or dream contact, close encounters that involve communication, voluntary transport aboard an unknown craft, and involuntary transport aboard an unknown craft or "abduction."

Few abductions are reported as pleasant, it's usually a traumatic experience that includes several of the signs or symptoms from the list below. (This list is not complete and many reports exist that do not include anything from this list, but these appear to be most common.)

Reproductive Experiments - For women, being pregnant and then suddenly being not pregnant with no evidence of a miscarriage, miscarriage with no fetus, or other unusual gynecological problems. Both men and women sometimes have ova or sperm samples taken, unexplained soreness of the genitals, or other similar symptoms.

Implants - Small, unidentifiable objects are found beneath the surface of the skin. Most commonly in the hands, feet, nose, ears, or brain.

Amnesia - The encounter is "forgotten" and is only recalled in a dream or under hypnosis.

Strange Scars - Bruises or scars appear on the body with no memory of being injured, especially scoop marks as if a skin sample has been taken.

Lost Time - Becoming aware that a significant period of time has passed and having no memory of what happened during that time.

Bright Lights - Seeing flashes outside of windows, in rooms, or in the sky.

Loud Buzzing - Being awakened by unusual, unexplainable noises, hearing ripping noises that come from "inside the head" or having a ringing in the ears.

Sleep Paralysis - Being unable to move upon waking or at sleep onset, especially if accompanied by a feeling that a strange presence is in the room.

Sinus Problems - Spontaneous nose bleeds, blood is found on the pillow upon waking, other sinus problems, and/or sinus headaches.

Strange Dreams - Dreams of flying, being in a hospital, doctors, unusual medical procedures, strange babies, UFOs, or aliens.

Electromagnetic Disturbances - Compass needles swing wildly, metal becomes magnetized, car engines stop, radios play only static, and other electrical devices may malfunction or shut down.

Special Messages - Feelings of being "chosen" or of having received some special knowledge.

After an abduction experience the abductee will often feel that they have become psychic or more psychic, they may feel more concern for the environment, or want to become vegetarian.

Aliens visit Earth physically, meaning that they have actually physically traveled though space in some type of craft. They may also visit astrally and use mind control and telepathy.

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