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Overview - A spiritual messenger created by God as a way to communicate with human beings.
 Angel of Death - A being that helps souls transition into death, sometimes associated with Satan. (Christian, Islam, Jewish)

Archangel - Chief angel, or one of the highest ranking angles in the celestial hierarchy. (Christian, Islam, Jewish)

Chayyot - Holy beasts associated with God's divine chariot. (Jewish)

Cherub - A winged being that appears as a chubby child with wings or a multi headed beast. (Christian, Hebrew)

Dominion - A mid level angel that governs the lower angels. (Christian)

Fallen Angel - An angel that has been exiled from heaven. (Christian)

Guardian Angel - A being that guides or protects other individual beings or groups of beings.

Nephilim - Offspring of fallen angels and humans. (Christian, Hebrew)

Power - A being that defends the border of Heaven and guards human souls against demons. Christian)

Principality - A being that guards the leaders of nations and countries. (Christian)

Saraph - An angel of the highest order, appears as an adult human, a fiery serpent, or a multi-headed, multi-winged being. (Christian, Hebrew)

Throne - A being that supports the throne of God, may appear as a wheel within a wheel covered in eyes. (Christian)

Virtue - A being that inspires humans and provides miracles for them. (Christian)

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