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Overview - Fabulous beasts and beings found in the Bible.
 Angel - A spiritual messenger created by God as a way to communicate with human beings.

Behemoth - The largest and most powerful beast to ever exist, the king of all land animals. (Christian, Hebrew)

Basilisk - A small serpent able to liquify flesh with its touch. (Roman)

Cherub - A winged being that appears as a chubby child with wings or a multi headed beast. (Christian, Hebrew)

Cockatrice - A noxious creature with the head of a rooster, a barbed tongue, and the tail of a snake. (Greek, Roman)


Demon - A generally malevolent being with supernatural powers. (Prevalent)


Dragon - A reptilian-like creature, sometimes winged and able to breath fire. (Prevalent)

Familiar - An attendant spirit, often taking the form of a small animal. (Prevalent)


Giant - An exceptionally tall being resembling a human. (Prevalent)

Griffin - A beast resembling a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. (European)

Leviathan - An immense sea creature with a long serpentine body that is coiled in rings. (Hebrew)

Nephilim - The offspring of the sons of God and the daughters of men. (Christian, Hebrew)

Phoenix - A supernatural bird with the ability to live forever by recreating itself from its own ashes. (Egyptian, Greek)

Satyr - A lascivious woodland deity that is part man and part goat, also called the hairy one. (Greek)


Serpent (fabulous) - A remarkable creature related to the snake. (Prevalent)

Unicorn - A horse-like creature with a single spiral horn growing from its forehead. (Prevalent)

Ziz - An enormous bird with a wingspan that eclipses the sun. (Jewish)

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