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Phoenix Bird (fabulous)

A fantastic creature related to the bird.

Bird mythology is prevalent throughout the world. They are the creators and protectors of humans, messengers from the Otherworld, psychopomps and harbingers.

Owls are harbingers of doom and can be a sign that you have been or are about to be abducted by aliens. They are also a symbol for wisdom.

A bird tapping at the window is a death omen. A bird flying down the chimney, in through an open window, or circling the house may also be a death omen, especially a swallow.

The albatross carries the souls of sailors lost at sea and is a sign of good fortune, unless it dies or is captured, then it is sign of misfortune and death. An albatross can be any large seabird.

To dream of singing birds foretells joy, finding a nest with eggs signifies profit, an empty nest means disappointment.

To dream of blackbirds foretells suspicion and trouble, an empty bird cage also means trouble, but a cage full of birds denotes happiness, if the cage door is open and the bird has gone, the dream foreshadows desertion by a lover.

Doves in dreams mean happiness and fidelity, they are also a symbol of holiness. In the Upanishads the dove represents the soul. In Christian symbolism a bird, especially the bird of paradise, represents the soul.

Partridges are a symbol of foolishness, geese symbolize stupidity, and the magpie is a symbol of deceit and misfortune.

To see a peacock fan its tail signals wealth, the peacock is also a symbol of immortality but those who pluck its feathers will be cursed.

In Native American mythology, Raven is the creator of the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars, as well as the creator of humankind.

In England, ravens at the Tower of London signal good fortune. Their government ensures that ravens remain on the grounds by appointing a full time Raven Master to watch over the birds and keep their wings clipped. In 2006 the birds were moved to an indoor aviary to protect them from the bird flu.

In biblical times the raven was white. It wasn't until the raven used sorcery (Genesis 8:7) that God blackened all future ravens and cursed them to feed on carrion. Despite the curse, white ravens still occur and these rare birds are a portent of great change.

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