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Overview - A spirit being with supernatural powers, generally considered malevolent.
 Alp - A spirit associated with nightmares. Also Alp-drucken, and Painajainen. See Nightmare. (German)

Archdemon - An upper level demon in the infernal hierarchy. (Christian)

Bajang - A vampiric demon with the ability to take the form of a cat.

Cambion - The offspring of a human and a succubus or an incubus.

Demoness - A female demon.

Fallen Angel - An angel that has lapsed into sin or has been exiled from heaven. (Christian)

Familiar - A spirit, often in the form of an animal, that assists in sorcery and witchcraft. (European)


Goblin - A malformed creature related to the fae. (European)


Gorgon - A winged female being with live snakes for hair. (Greek)

Imp - A small mischievous demon related to the fairy. (European)

Incubus - A male demon that attempts to have sexual relations with people while they sleep.

Jikininki - A ghoulish demon that feeds on human corpses. (Japanese)

Jinn - An invisible shapeshifter that can appear in the form of a human or an animal. (Middle Eastern)

Kappa - A vampiric creature that resembles a human with green skin. (Japanese)

Leviathan - An immense sea creature also known as the demon of envy, and The Grand Admiral of Hell. (Hebrew)

Marching Hordes - Demons that cause war.

Nickar - A sea demon. (Scandinavian)

Nightmare - A demon that causes night terrors. Also Ephialtes, Mara, and Walriderske. (Scandinavian)

Poltergeist - A noisy, mischievous spirit connected to a live human, usually a child. (German)

Puck - A mischievous nature spirit or demon.

Rokurokubi - A demon that appears as a human with the ability to stretch its neck to unnatural lengths. (Japanese)

She-demon - An evil female being or spirit.

Succubus - A female demon that attempts to have sexual relations with people while they sleep.

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