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An elemental is a nature spirit that represents one of the four classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science. Earth is represented by gnomes, fire by salamanders, air by sylphs, and water by undines.

Within each of the elements there exists a multitude of tiny kingdoms, and each kingdom is filled with tribes and races of elementals, each elemental is a living being that represents and is responsible for one of the many forces of nature.

In other words, there are a large number of spirits working to keep nature in balance, each one with its own characteristics and degree of responsibility ranging from great to small.

Each elemental lives exclusively within its own element, and appears as a miniature humanoid, the gnomes are odd and misshapen while the others are delicate and beautiful.

Under certain circumstances humans can communicate with or even command elementals, gnomes are the easiest to communicate with, while undines and sylphs are more challenging, and salamanders are the most difficult.

To command an elemental, you must develop a deep understanding and love for the true nature of the element, and have the ability to enter the element and then become a superior force within that element rather than a mere form.

They are mischievous and may masquerade as souls of the dead.

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