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Creatures by Type : Horses (fabulous)

Overview - Legendary creatures related to horses.
 Cartazonon - A beautiful orange creature that resembles a horse with a lionish mane and a single horn growing from it's forehead.

Ceffyl-Dwr - A flying water horse related to the fairy. (Welsh)

Centaur - A creature with the head and torso of a man and the lower body of a horse. (Greek)

Each Uisge - A supernatural water horse that feeds on human flesh. (Scottish, Irish)

Hippocampus - A creature with an upper body that resembles a horse and a dolphin-like lower body. (Greek)

Hippogriff - A beast with a head and front legs of an eagle while the rest of its body is that of a horse. (Greek)

Ichthyocentaur - A being that appears to have the upper body of a human, the forelegs of a horse or lion, and the tail of a dolphin. (Greek, Roman)

Ipotanes - A being that resembles a human with the ears, tail, and legs of a horse. (Greek)

Karkadann - A carnivorous unicorn found in the desert regions of North Africa and India. (African, Indian)

Kelpie - A supernatural water horse found near lakes and rivers in Scotland. (Scottish)

Kimpurushas - A servant spirt the resembles a horse with a human head. (Hindu)

Nix - A shapeshifter that can appear as a human, horse, snake, fish, or mermaid. (German)

Noggle - A small grey horse with supernatural powers. (Celtic)

Pegasus - A creature that resembles a horse with wings. (Greek)

Phooka - A pitch black being with glowing red eyes. Takes the shape of a horse, dog, or giant bird. (Irish)

Sileni - A bipedal being that appears human form the waist up and horse from the waist down. (Greek)

Unicorn - A horse-like creature with a single spiral horn growing from its forehead. (Prevalent)

Unipeg - A winged horse-like creature with a single spiral horn growing from its forehead.

Xanthus - The name of an immortal horse with the power of speech. (Greek)

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