The Phoenixian Book of Creatures

Lists of Mythical Creatures Organized by Type
Includes legendary beasts, magical beings, imaginary monsters and more.

alien Aliens - Intelligent beings from planets other than Earth.


Angels - Spiritual beings created by God as a way to communicate with and watch over human beings.

Biblical - Fabulous beasts and beings found in the Bible.

Birds (fabulous) - Fantastic creatures related to the bird.

Cats (fabulous) - Mythical creatures related to the cat.


Demons - Generally malevolent beings with supernatural powers.


Dragons - Reptilian-like creatures, sometimes winged and able to breath fire.


Elementals - Nature spirits that represent one of the four elements: earth, fire, air, or water.


Fairies - Mythical beings with supernatural powers, often depicted as tiny women with delicate wings.


Giants - Beings in human form with extraordinary size and strength, also creatures of exceptional size.

Harbingers - Beasts or beings that foreshadow things to come.


Horses (fabulous) - Legendary creatures related to the horse.

Hybrids - Offspring produced by breeding beings or creatures of different species.

Incorporeal - Beings that do not have a physical body, have the ability to exist without a body, or have a body that exists in another dimension.


Mermaids - Beings with an upper body that resembles a human and a fish-like lower body.


Primates (fabulous) - Hairy hominids living in wilderness areas all over the world.

sea monster

Sea Monsters - Strange or frightening creatures that live primarily underwater.


Serpents (fabulous) - Remarkable creatures related to the snake.


Shapeshifters - Beings with the ability to change shape and form.


Vampires - Preternatural beings that generally feed on human blood.

Books of Mythical Beasts & Beings
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